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I Hate Cold Calls – Web 2.0 and the New Paradigm of Hotel Sales
  • This is a more advanced course that focuses on developing sales processes in sync with Web 2.0
  • Social media and User Generated Content in the sales process
  • Developing client DNA models for New Business Development
  • Online RFPs
  • Attracting business without ‘pushing’ product
  • Effective approaches that don’t include cold calls
  • Becoming a sales ‘intraprenuer’
The New Realities of Sales – The Basics Have Changed
  • This program is ideal for those new to hotel sales
  • Habits of highly successful hotel sales people
  • Prospecting and qualifying on the internet
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Qualifying questions to ask
  • Personal virtual tours
  • Closing
All of our programs provide follow-up mechanisms for you to maximize your ROI. One and two day programs provide a training ‘game’ that will allow you to see instantly if participants can implement the elements of the program – instant ROI.

We also offer the I Hate Cold Calls Sales program in certain markets as a seminar open to the hospitality community. Click here for the schedule or if your hotel or management company would like to sponsor one.
The General Manager as CMO of the Hotel
  • This program is ideal for General Manager’s meetings and focuses on things they need to know to manage and support the sales effort
  • The Power of the Position
  • The no fail JW Marriott site inspection closer
  • Five phone calls a month that make a difference
  • Partnering with top accounts
  • Using travel reviews to motivate the staff
Our team of professionals will work with you to set a scope of work with tangible benchmarks for success – if you are not satisfied; we work with you until you are.
Check Out our consulting package for independent hotels
Web Casts  
Want to give your team ‘bytes of training’ in any of the disciplines above? We work with you to provide web casts exclusively for your team.
We also offer regular public web casts on topics of interest so that individual team members can log on and get the info they need to be effective.
The coaching experience is a very structured telecoaching experience for individuals or teams. It is conducted in a series of weekly calls in which we identify challenges and structure the experience to address them in a progressive manner. At the end of each call, the participant and key contacts are furnished with a recap and the goals for the week before the next call.
Comprehensive corporate training solutions
Do you want to provide the entire team with comprehensive training that takes them from rookie to expert?
We specialize in providing blended solutions incorporating all of the above essentials into a cost effective corporate training program that reflects your company’s culture and dynamics.
Our success metric is your increased revenue! CVCT – always on the ‘edge’ of hospitality training and consulting!

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